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Technical specification
Identification letterCJ
Engine code2.0
No. of cylinders4 (OHV)
Capacity (Fiscal)[cc]1970 (1957)
Compression Ratio7.3
Siutable for unleaded petrol (+ = Yes, - = No)+
Minimum octane rating91
Ignition systemSZ, CB
Fuel systemSolex 34 PDSIT
Ignition system
Ignition coilBosch 0 221 123 005
Ignition coil supply voltage[V]11
Primary resistance[Ohm]2.9-3.4
Firing order1-4-3-2
Distributor (ECM)Bosch 0 231 168 005
Contact breaker gap / trigger air gap[mm]0.4
Dwell angle[°] (%)44-50 (49-56)
Tuning and emission
Static timing7.5
Ignition timing (o = without vacuum, + = with vacuum)o
Ignition timing - basic BTDC[rpm]0/800-900
Ignition advanceWithout vacuum and basic timing
Ignition advance checks9-14/1600
Ignition advance checks16-19/2500
Ignition advance checks21-25/3400
Vacuum check (+ = advance, - = retard)+
Vacuum range8-12
Vacuum starts[mbar]107
Vacuum ends[mbar]280
Idle speed[rpm]850-950
Idle speed - alternative[rpm]900-1000
Oil temperature for CO2 test[°C]60
CO level @ idle speed, tailpipe[%]2.0-4.0
HC level @ idle speed[ppm]500
CO2 level @ idle speed[%]13-16
O2 level @ idle speed[%]0.5-2.0
Spark plugs
Spark plugsBosch W8CC
Electrode gap[mm]0.6
Spark plugsChampion N5C
Electrode gap[mm]0.7
Spark plugsNGK B5ES
Electrode gap[mm]0.8
Fuel system
Fuel pump delivery pressure[bar]0.24
Service checks and adjustments
Valve clearance - Inlet[mm]0.15 cold
Valve clearance - Exhaust[mm]0.15 cold
Compression Pressure[bar]6-9.5
Drive belt size - alternator[mm]9.5x900
Drive belt tension - alternator/PAS/AC[mm]15
Lubricants and capacities
Engine oil grade (moderate climate)10W/30
Engine oil classificationSF
Engine with filter[l]3.0
Gearbox 4/5 speed[l]2.0
Automatic transmission[l]3.0
Tightening torques
Cylinder head[Nm]10 / 32
Big end bearings[Nm]16 / 33
Flywheel / Driveplate[Nm]110
Spark plugs[Nm]36
Road wheels[Nm]120-130
Starting and charging
Starter motorBosch EF(L)12V0.7
Minimum starting voltage[V]9
Maximum cranking amps[A]122-149
Alternator / RegulatorBosch
Voltage regulatorAD1/14V
Regulated voltage[V]13.9-14.8


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