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Baja Bugs originated in Southern California in the late 1960's as an inexpensive answer to the successful, Volkswagen-based dune buggies of the mid-1960s, especially the Meyers Manx . The building of the first Baja Bug is generally credited to Gary Emory of Parts Obsolete. circa 1968 and the first Baja 1000 race was 1968, while the first fiberglass baja kit (bug eye kit) was not introduced until 1969 by Haven Miller company, In the early days before fiberglass body panels became available, enthusiast and racers simply made their own modification to both the body and mechanicals of a stock VW to develop a machine suited to harsh, off-road environments. The metal fenders and front and rear aprons of the car would be partially cut away to allow more for ground clearance and suspension travel. This came to be know as a "cut baja" More engine power was attained by fitting dual port heads and modifying fuel injection systems from VW type 3 cars to work on the type 1 bug engine. There are few "cut baja" cars known to survive from the early era, which makes them highly prized by car enthusiasts and collectors.


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