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Motorsport fans in Germany are more interested in circuit racing than dragracing. At the start of the 1980s the Beetle Cup race series was established. Fitted with performance-enhanced Type 1 and Type 4 engines, all-round disk brake systems, up to 18" Porsche-style wheels, these Beetles could compete with air-cooled cars from Stuttgart over the circuit.

The best starting points for a German Looker are the 1302/1303 models. The advantages are obvious. McPherson struts at the front that can be made adjustable , as well as independent suspension at the rear - ideal prerequisites for sweeping around the bend.

The popular Type 4 engines cannot be installed in the Beetle without modifications. The whole cooling fan system with all panels must be exchanged for an upright Type 1 - or Porsche-style fan system. Also the exhaust system and heat exchanger have to be exchanged for special parts. Carbon fibre parts such as running boards, bumpers, fan covers, air filter chests and engine fittings are a must. The chassis is tuned with adjustable Koni or Spax shock absorbers. The weak production standard rubber bearings and bushes are exchanged for harder urethane bearings. In addition stabilisers at front and rear ensure that all wheels remain firmly on the ground.

A strut brace is installed between the McPherson struts, thereby reducing any twisting of the bodywork. To play very safe a rollover cage can also be installed, and this provides additional stiffness for the vehicle. The engine and gearbox unit in the Beetle is supported in a bifurcated frame made out of welded panels.

The Beetle is a pre-war design and was originally designed for 30 HP. Today's engines, built with tuned components and producing high torques, can slightly bend this bifurcated frame Cup braces, can help here if introduced between the shock absorber tower and the gearbox suspension.

So as to be able to fit the large Porsche-style wheels to the Beetle aluminium spacer washers are used. Glass fibre composite wings widened either inwards or outwards provide the necessary wheel covering. The production standard blinker lenses are exchanged for white ones, the rear lights for black.

The bumpers are also removed for the German Look, while the paint finishes are for the most part in subdued colours - Porsche tones are very popular. This style can now be found over the whole world. In England, Scandinavia, USA and even Japan Beetles are being rebuilt with the German Look.


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