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Resto Cal look Volkswagens are air cooled vehicles that, aside from a lowered stance, appear as restored stockers.

For 'Resto Cal' look, a roof rack and similar accessories can be added. There are many other aftermarket parts that can be added to the Beetle, including wing mirrors, chrome wipers, stone guards, mud flaps and badges. Rear light and front indicator lenses can also be changed. This is as far as a Cal Look or 'Resto Cal' car will go. Some resto cal look cars often veer towards lowriders, because of the stance and the number of period accessories on the vehicle. There is a large tendency toward the Resto Cal look, as these cars can be fairly easily returned to a 'stock' unmodified status. Enthusiast sites such as www.bugme.co.uk show what sort of modifications are often done to create or restore a Resto Cal Beetle.


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