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Beetle drag racing Article

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VW Beetle dragster (left) and t1 split screen bus wheelie (right), The Beetle is widely used in drag racing; its rearward (RR) weight distribution keeps the weight over the rear wheels maximizing grip off the starting line. The car's weight is reduced for a full competition drag beetle, further...

Beetle Uniroyal Fun Cup Article

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The VW Beetle's chassis is used in the Uniroyal Fun Cup, which includes the longest continuous motor-race in the world, the 25 Hours of Spa. It is an affordable entry-level series that gentleman drivers race.

Beetle Rally and Rallyecross Article

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Especially the Austrian sole distributor Porsche Salzburg (now Porsche Austria) seriously entered the VW in local and European contests in the 60's and early '70s. Starting with the VW 1500 in the mid '60s the peak of their racing performance was achieved with the VW 1302S and VW 1303S (known as...

Beetle Tuning Article

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Because most parts of the flat-4 engine other than the crankcase are bolted on, they are easily exchanged with larger or more high-performance items. The standard VW engine has been modified from 1600 cc (the largest factory-produced Type 1 engine) to configurations well over 2400 cc using larger...

1990 Mustang 5. 0 Vs 1973 Turbo Bug Video

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stock 1990 mustang 5. 0 on the left vs turbocharged 1973 volkswagen beetle at 6 psi on the right. video quality is crap, but the mustang had about 3 car lengths at 65-70mph and was pulling. the volkswagen will soon be running 9 psi...

Power Of The Volkswagen Beetle Video

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power of the volkswagen beetle beats ford mustang

VW Beetle Drag Video

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VW Bug Drag Race Vegas Speedway Turbo 15Lbs. Boost Video

beetle, burnout, drag racing, fast, motor, sleeper, turbo, wheelie

Drag Bug Vw Turbo Dalcorp Quick Burnout Only, No Run! Video

beetle, burnout, drag racing, fast, motor, sleeper, turbo, wheelie

13Bt VW Beetle Warm Up Video

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this is cyceron racing VW beetle warm up, it used 13bt rotary engine, with mild port and low boost.