WANTED: VW Kombi in NY Oct 17

Date: 08/07/2015 13:19 | Topic / Title: WANTED: VW Kombi in NY Oct 17
I've got this message in my mailbox this morning. If anybody is interested, please contact directly to batikh [at]

I am looking for your support to share with your great community the following message. I thank you in advance for your help on this.

I am looking to rent a VW Kombi for transportation for a private event in Brooklyn, NY 17 October, for 1 or 2 hours in the late afternoon. It would be to transport a bride and groom from their ceremony to reception with a possible stop for photos.

I would prefer that the VW Kombi is chaufered by its owner but I could also drive it myself.
The drive itself is quite short, but depends on the route chosen (max 3.3 miles).

White, blue, red, orange, green or white kombi would be great, but any color would be acceptable as long as the Kombi is in good condition.

My groom is a surfer who of course loves VW kombis. I want to surprise him with a kombi awaiting for him at our wedding.

A second dream would be to have a fleet of kombis to transport my entire party (40 persons) but am not sure that is doable financially.