trouble with 65 bug starting with 12 v system and 6 v starte

Date: 08/09/2006 22:54 | Topic / Title:
Hi. Years ago, I converted my 65 bug to 12 volt and left the 6 volt starter in. It started great for 6 years or so, then it started to act up(starter spinning without picking up the flywheel). I had a local VW place in Napa, CA(the shop has moved away since) replace the flywhelle with a new stock 6 volt one. Now I'm having the same problem(it always turns over but seldom picks up the does eventually).
What can I do? Replace the flywheel again(I can't find a local VW shop who is interested and I am no mechanic)? Thanks, JOHN
Date: 08/09/2006 23:30 | Topic / Title:
Check solenoid in the starter motor, its probably dead and cannot couple with the flywheel. btw, why did you replace the flywheele unless teeth were shaved??