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Should i get it

Date: 01/29/2007 01:44 | Topic / Title:
A friend of mine showed me a beat up 1965 bug that was in an accident two years ago and was left at his body shop. i dont even know if it starts, but anyway, i am in search for my first car and it looks like it could be fixed up. It has a broken front axel, and a funny body kit that has no windows or door handles. here are some pictures of it. My question is should i buy it and fix it up so i can use it year round? It seems like it would be nice, good gas mileage and not to expensive.

And hello from California!


Date: 02/04/2007 04:24 | Topic / Title:
It depends on many factors... Will you/your friend do the work by yourself? Spare parts and tools accesability... Check the engine... Check the chassis... For starters, talk to your friend and do the math - how much he wants for the car alone, and how much more to fix it... Does that fit your budget?