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Removing one peeling layer of paint

Date: 07/24/2004 22:33 | Topic / Title:
Hey All,
The previous owner of my Beetle threw a cheap white coat of paint over a perfectly fine factory finish and I'd like to remove just cheap coat. A good deal of the white is peeling off easily. I want to get to the factory finish so I can put a coat of paint onto something that will stick, this isn't going to be a show car, I'd just like the interior to match the exterior. My question is for anybody who's had experience with soda blasting. From what I've heard the baking soda will only remove the loose paint, or the coat that's least adhered. This true? Will walnut shells chew into the next layer of paint below the loose stuff?

Thanks in Advance,
Date: 07/25/2004 08:31 | Topic / Title:
My friend runs a body/paint shop & he had a Golf come in that had recently a repaint, so to cut a long story.....
The paint was left to long before they put the clear coat on and it started to peel, all we did was to use a high pressure jetwash.
Without doubt there will be some paint that has stuck so this will have to be feathered out paint, but you are going to have to prep the rest of the car anyway.