registering an "Oldtimer" in Serbia

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As an Australian who has made his home in Belgrade (Yugoslavian wife) and who is a keen VW (air-cooled) fan I was dissapointed to discover that it is not possible to register in Serbia my VW "old-timers" because they are over 6 years old!! Very disapointing as I know how Serbs love old and classic cars. Due to this rule of not allowing people to import and register in Serbia any car that is over 6 years old means that absolutely no classic car can be imported into the country!! I believe that subject to passing a thorough technical inspection, and the payment of appropriate customs duties then a classic car should be allowed to be imported and registered into Serbia. I would be interested in peoples views as well as advice. I own two VWs (air-cooled) - VW Trekker (VW182) and am interested in a Karmann Cabriolet.
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It is almost impossible, but I think there is a catch how to do that I'll check it..

[quote:24440ab817="Peter"]I own two VWs (air-cooled) - VW Trekker (VW182) and am interested in a Karmann Cabriolet.[/quote]
We want pictures!
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[quote:466a02ed9f="low'n'slow"]Peter wrote:
I own two VWs (air-cooled) - VW Trekker (VW182) and am interested in a Karmann Cabriolet.

We want pictures![/quote]

I 2nd that!
Date: 06/22/2004 16:03 | Topic / Title: I said, it is almost impossible:

1. vehicle has some historical value, is extremely old or rare. in that case, send letter to the Technical Museum in Belgrade (for Mr. Bozinovic I think , PM me for his phone number)...

2. you have papers of the vehicle which is already registered in Serbia (same type & model as the one that you want to import)... in that case you can import your vehicle as a "donor vehicle" - for parts only. Now, the catch is that this car CAN NOT enter the country on its own - it has to be on trailer and NOT COMPLETE OR DRIVABLE (!!!). Well, the rest you can figure out on your own...

either way, do not let the customs to hold your car on their parking lot - after only 2 or 3 days spent there, your car will be a gonner... you have to act really fast!

now, this is a theory only! I really don't know anybody that has done something like that before, so I don't know if that would work in practice...
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Zete listen! ( if u don'no what is Zet your wife will explain)

Ask about temporerly registration (BG-99****). Technicli the car is not imported, but you do get to drive it as long as you want....

That used to be 4-5 years ago, I guess they didn't change anything jet..

give it a try