Date: 06/06/2004 15:04 | Topic / Title:
I have sectioned in a factory rag-top assembly in my 56 oval. I was just wondering... the aluminum sliders that bolt to the channels in mine are one solid piece and the most of the ones i have seen have the little piece that screws in at the back. Any idea what year rag-top section mine came out of??? Thanks.
Date: 06/06/2004 15:16 | Topic / Title:
Hi Speedy, welcome to the board...

If this is a three fold it's from an early bug 50-55. 50-51 did not have the rubber strip on top of the rail, 52-55 did.

If it is a two fold then check if the front piece with the opening mechanism has rounded corners, and there are tapped into the body at the rear which the rear hold down strip bolts into, that has squre ends, this is a top from a 56. round corner, square rear.

If all corners are round, but still has the holes tapped at the back it is an oval era top.

If the rear holes are slotted, it is a later late 50's early 60's.

Aluminum rails tend to differ due to suppliers. Some even have bakelite pieces at the back of the sliders.

Hope this helps...
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this rag-top section came out of a 60's vw. i cut the roof off of one in a salvage yard, and wasn't quite sure why my aluminum sliders are all one piece. but since you said that the aluminum rails tend to differ due to suppliers, then i guess that answers my question. thanks for the response and your help.