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Pulling an Engine

Date: 07/24/2004 22:16 | Topic / Title:
Have a 76 Westy with a 2.0 fuel injected engine. Have pulled alot of bug engines - quick and simple!!! Want to pull this engine as it smokes a little. have owned it for 3 yrs but want to install new clutch etc. and go over engine from top to bottom. do you just unbolt the bar in the rear and support the tranny? I have a haynes manual but it doesn't give great info for my van. Thanks!
Date: 07/25/2004 18:08 | Topic / Title:
Shouldn't need to support the tranny, it is held by two bolts at the top to the body. These motors are a tight fit, the oil filler tube can get in the way. Some owners cut it in two and sleeve it back together with a piece of correctly sized radiator hose and hose clamps. Pull the rear support off, if you like - remove the whole exhaust for weight reasons, use two people unless your using an ATV type jack. Some people like to undo the front mount of the tranny so you can tilt the whole engine down a bit. Otherwise same basic idea as a bug.
Date: 07/27/2004 23:20 | Topic / Title:
Date: 08/08/2004 22:38 | Topic / Title:
it typically takes 2 of us 1 hour to remove a type 4 engine and trans. no need to splice your oil filler, just remove it . also, take the coil off,front tin,and be sure to disconnect from the double relay and voltage regulator,vacuum hoses etc. removing rear bumper helps, but not necassary. we steady the engine on a 3 ton floor jack. if removing both the engine and trans we use a seperate jack for each lowering them in unison. if removing the engine only, be sure you have disengaged the pilot shaft priot to lowering your engine. hope this helps.