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Date: 11/29/2006 15:34 | Topic / Title:
Howdy from missouri. I`m searching for info on chopping the top on a bug. I know peices have to be added and such, just looking for how someone else might do it. ideas? I have 2, 73 bugs that i bought for my daughters (who for some reason they don`t want them now which is good for me ) and an old manx style dune buggy in the works plus a just finished 2003 golf that came from a 03 and an 04 that were smashed and cut in two and the good halves put together. I can`t be on here very often but am looking forward to this forum. thanks rick
Date: 11/29/2006 16:34 | Topic / Title:
They dont makem like they used to... I mean kids. Never mind, more dubs for us. btw, welcome aboard. Browse our gallery , you can find there some pretty usefull pics. Here's one: