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Date: 02/13/2007 02:28 | Topic / Title:
Hello all. My name is Sam and I live in the desert of Western Colorado. In the interest of being practical and responsible, I have had to sell some of my favorite toys, my '73 Batmobeetle (my Avatar) and my '84 Vanagon GL. But I'm going to use this opportunity to give my remaining '69 Beetle the one-on-one attention it deserves. It has been in my family for 15 years, and my wife and I used to cruise in it before we were married. It's currently in pieces under a tarp, but I just finished building a garage (my VW Love Shack) to start putting it back together in. I can't wait to give it a new life, and I'm probably going to put it as close to original as I can. I'm looking forward to showing it off and driving it across the country when I'm done. It does my heart good to see the wonderful beasts in the forums and galleries across the world and hear the stories their faithful owners have to tell.

Peace and Love