How to post Photos

Date: 05/31/2004 18:17 | Topic / Title:
Posting photos on is very easy:
  1. Your photo must be already posted on the Internet (you can use Gallery if it is VW-related).
  2. Determine the internet address of your photo
    (for example, here is the address of The Golden Bug banner:
    Save this address to your computer clipboard using Ctrl+C (copy) or something similar.
  3. Create a new post.
  4. Press the img button you see above in your new post, then paste (Ctrl+V or similar) the web address you copied in step 2.
  5. Press the img button again to mark the end of your photo.
  6. That's it! Add some comments and press Preview or Submit

Using Gallery to post a photo:

Due security reasons, photos from the Gallery can not be imported into Forum posts with [img] tags! Instead, we have a new Gly button.

  1. Go to Gallery (link on the top of the screen, just below The Golden Bug logo).
  2. Post a photo in the Gallery. After uploading a photo, click on the "view category" link.
  3. Click on your new photo thumbnail and it will be displayed on your screen.
  4. In the upper right corner, Photo ID number is displayed. Remember that number.
  5. Go back to Forum and start writing your post. To insert photo from the gallery, use the following code: [img,gallery,Photo ID no.].
For example, to insert image no. 32 from the Gallery, use the following code in your post:


and the result is: