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Front Hood of Vw beetle

Date: 08/23/2005 15:43 | Topic / Title:
Hi ppl.Can anyone help me?
I am trying to open the front hood of my beetle but i cannot do it.The wire inside the car doesnt do anything so i cannot open my hood
I am really desparate.i just bought the car and i dont know what to do.Plz help meeeeee
Date: 08/23/2005 23:40 | Topic / Title:
First, push down on the trunk lid to be sure it is completely latched. Then try the release in the glove box. If it doesn't release, get a pair of needlenose vise grips and pull the cable instead of using the release handle.

If that doesn't help, you'll have to cut the hood handle off. The procedure is described in the Bentley manual.