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Date: 05/31/2004 17:57 | Topic / Title: Forum rules
We reserve the right to delete your posts and/or ban you from this forum and/or without warning. Take responsibility for your own posts, because we will not. If you don't like a particular forum, find another or create your own. By using this forum you agree to hold without responsibility for any trauma experienced here.


  1. Do not post SPAM about your website or business.
  2. Do not post garbage, excessive punctuation / smileys or "test" messages.
  3. Do not post the same message in multiple forums.
  4. Do not post someone else’s private information (i.e. home address or phone number) without their permission.
  5. Do not post nudity or porn. You may post links but must mark them as NSFW (Not Safe for Work).
  6. Each user is allowed one account. Usernames, avatars, and signatures may not contain offensive, obscene or abusive images or words.
  7. Accounts intentionally created to resemble other accounts or in order to deceive or attack other forum members will be banned. In addition, the person who created the fake account will receive a temporary ban without warning.
  8. No abusive or threatening posts. Personal attacks based on race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.
  9. You may use bad language on our forums, except in situations where it is considered unnecessary or used to attack other users.

You can be banned from The Golden Bug Forums for violating any of the prior rules, or ignoring specific instructions from the administrator & moderators. Continued abuse of the Forums or attempts to get around a ban will result in prohibition of access to the entire website. If your username is banned - it is banned on the entire site: you will not be able to post pictures and/or classified ads.

Milos Dobrojevic

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