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Biten by the Beetle

Date: 10/09/2006 21:34 | Topic / Title:
Hi there!

I was walking at Vons and VWTrends mag caught my eye! I always liked bugs but this time I was biten. The engine was so beautiful that I could not stop reading. The cover said it was Built By a Canadian.

Well I recently decided to purchase a beetle bug but Im still rather new to it. I come from a Honda Civic background and for some reason the bug looks more interesting now. I like the old look. Im thinking of getting something from 66-69. Not sure as of yet. But I have so many questions.

I looked that the engine and its completely different from what I expected. I need to learn how it works before purchasing one which is one of my main goals. I've told some friends that Im switching from Civic to Beetles and most think Im crazy. They tell me that I'll be having cooling engine issues and one even told me that the engine can catch on fire.

Im not sure how much of this is true but I'm still interesting.

My goal is to rebuild it. I want a new engine. Coming from a Civic background I definitly want horsepower!!!

My question are:

Do I get the aircooled engine or the new water cooled?

What engine model should I get? HP!!!

What about all disc brakes conversion?

Tri Y exhaust system?


Whats the best site to learn how to rebuild these engines?

I have googled most of these question but I have not found them.

I hope to make this site my home and learn from the best.


Date: 10/09/2006 23:02 | Topic / Title:
> Do I get the aircooled engine or the new water cooled?

Depends on many factors. If you aint a true aircooled enthusiast, go with the watercooled (cheap and easy). Otherwise, AC engine could get sooped up (up to 270BHP and more) but only if you have cash to burn.

> What engine model should I get? HP!!!

Whatever you can get on your local salvage yard. Subaru, toyota, peugeot, VW.... In general, go for 4 cyl. FWD models.

> What about all disc brakes conversion?

Piece of cake. Several kits are available on the market.

> Tri Y exhaust system?

Why not, but only with the watercooled engine. For AC engines, merged headers only.


Only with the watercooled. There were several attempts to create DOHC for aircooled Vw engines, but without luck. Anyway, there is a large variety of engine heads for AC engines, and some models can deliver real power.

> Whats the best site to learn how to rebuild these engines?

There is no "the best site". First, figure up what do you want: watercooled or aircooled and how much power, time and cash do you want to put in... Then, search the internet, buy books and manuals for the specific model and learn.
Date: 10/10/2006 17:25 | Topic / Title: were more than helpful.

I hope to learn a lot from this site.

One question: 270HP is a lot!!!

I didnt think aircooled engines where capable of getting that much hp.

Thanks all!
Date: 10/10/2006 19:08 | Topic / Title:
Excellent comment speedy. Yes, it's possible. But remember - as power increase, reliability decrease.