009 Distributor Timing

Date: 07/15/2004 20:25 | Topic / Title:
If you replace the stock dist. with the 009, should you ignore the timing instructions for your model and just set it to 30' at 3000 rpm? In some books they say 2500 rpm
Date: 07/15/2004 22:35 | Topic / Title:
The reason the 009 is set at 3000 rpm is that they vary, with the max advance all in at about 2500-2600, so using 3000rpm ensures you have it all in for sure. The max advance is much more important than the idle advance.

Once you have set the 009 at between 28 and 32 degree at 3000rpm, you can measure the static (idle) setting and use THAT setting for THAT 009 to set it at idle next time. It will probably be somewhere around 5-10BTDC.