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The Volkswagen Beetle underwent significant changes for the 1967 model. While the car appeared similar to earlier models, much of the drivetrain was noticeably upgraded. Some of the changes to the Beetle included a bigger engine for the second year in a row. Horsepower had been increased to 37 kW (50 hp) the previous year, and for 1967 it was increased even more, to 40 kW (54 hp).

The output of the electrical generator was increased from 180 to 360 watts, and upgraded from a 6-volt to a 12-volt system. The clutch disc also increased in size, and changes were made to the flywheel, braking system, and rear axle.

New standard equipment included two-speed windscreen wipers, reversing lights, a driver's armrest on the door, locking buttons on the doors, sealed-beam headlights, and a driver's side exterior mirror.

It weighed 840 kg (1852 lb), which was a typical weight for a European car at this time. Top speed was 130 km/h (81 mph).

  • Engine:
    - 1500 cc OHV Flat-4, 40 kW (54 hp) @ 4200 rpm, 105 N·m (77 ft·lbf) @ 2600
    - bore 83 mm
    - stroke 69 mm
    - compression ratio 7.5:1
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Wheelbase: 2400 mm (94.5 in) (94.5 in)
  • Length: 4079 mm (160.6 in) (160.6 in)
  • Width: 1539 mm (60.6 in) (60.6 in)