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The work started with a 1955 Beetle shell which got chopped, stretched and flared. All of the custom parts are fabricated out of sheet metal and according to the builder, only seven pounds of lead filler were used. The front bumper was shaved to leave room for that pointed trunk which has been lengthened about seven inches and closes quietly down into the bullet catch mounted inside the trunk. Running boards were curved and molded into the rear fenders which are flared and tapered back. Other modifications include a radical roof chop and hood louvers. The conventional doors were transformed into gullwing hinched replacements. White wall tires are mounted on one-of-a-kind wire wheels to top of the perfect appearance of the pink lady.

Under the hood is a 1500cc motor and immaculate engine compartment that features numerous aftermarket items. Not visible to the public eyes are the fitted racing camshafts. The suspension is controlled by custom chopped hydraulic dumps that help the Pink Lady master those feared speed pumps. Underneath, the belly pan flashes the same graphics as the body on top does. All of the not painted parts are chromed, down to the handbrake cable.

Interior is more like a place to live than the interior of a Volkswagen. Featuring full swiveling bucket seats, a Sony TV with Betamax VCR and quilted door panels, headliner and dashboard. Mirrors are placed on the floorboard that are revealed by the diamond cutouts in the heavily padded, crushed velour floorboards. There is a mini-bar between the rear seats that has a revolving crystal ball, wine decanter and glasses. The chromed steering column, an aluminum steering wheel and the custom fabricated mirrors add a nice touch to the interior, which is protected from harmful sun rays with smoked glass that has been etched with custom designs.

The vehicle was featured in numerous publications, like Lowrider Magazine. It was never driven on public roads, even so it is totally street legal and it comes with a clear California title. The builder/owner was a famous painter Berndt Carlsson who moved from Sweden to California during the late 80's.