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Fred Bernhardt from Switzerland made this unique VW T1 split screen bus with 530BHP Porsche engine.

Six years ago, he decided to convert his old and rusty '62 11 window VW T1 bus into ultimative toy for rich boys.

In the rear of this VW microbus, you will find a 530BHP/757Nm Porsche 911 biturbo engine, paired with 6 speed manual transmission from Porsche 996 GT3.

Steering and brakes are also borrowed from another Porsche model, this time from Porsche 933. Thanks to carbon fiber, weight of this ultimate VW T1 is kept around 3300lbs, giving it a fantastic ratio of 6.2 lbs/BHP.

Pictures of this awesome 530BHP T1 bus you can find in our gallery, and videos in our video section.


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