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The Type 2 was available as a:

  • Delivery van without side windows or rear seats (Panel Van).
  • Delivery van with raised roof (High Roof Panel Van), or Hochdach.
  • Van with side windows and removable rear seats (Kombi, from German Kombinationskraftwagen (combination vehicle), i.e. both a passenger and a cargo vehicle combined).
  • Van with more comfortable interior reminiscent of passenger cars (Bus; also called Caravelle since the third generation).
  • Van with skylight windows and cloth sunroof (Samba-Bus, first generation only; also called Deluxe Microbus).
  • Flatbed truck (Pick-up), or Single Cab, also available with wider load bed.
  • Flatbed truck, Double Cab, with two rows of seats (DoKa from DOppel CAbine / Crew Cab Pick-up).
  • Camping van (Westy; with Westfalia roof and interior).
  • Semi-camping van that can also still be used as a passenger car and transporter, sacrificing some camping comforts (Multivan, or Weekender, available from the third generation on).

Apart from these factory variants, there were a multitude of third-party conversions available, some of which were offered through Volkswagen dealers. They included, but were not limited to; refrigerated vans, hearses, ambulances, police vans, fire engines and ladder trucks, and camping van conversions by companies other than Westfalia.