Air-cooled VW History

People's Curse at the 24 Hours of LeMons Reno-Fernley

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A large anxious crowd gathered to see some metal crushing entertainment. Fantasy Junction's Swine Flu Pig Acura Integra was lined up for the killing when…

Whoops. The Integra was narrowly missed and the LeMons "Peace" Car VW Bus was taken out! Drivers who in years past faced the punishment of following that crappy VW around the track at a mind-numbing five miles an hour rejoiced and danced in the streets.

Who says hand writing a candidate's name on a ballot is a wasted vote? At the 24 Hours of LeMons Goin' For Broken, the cars on the ballot got the pass. Enough people hand wrote the name "Jay Lamm" -The Big Daddy of LeMon's that one of Jay's vehicles was ceremoniously destroyed. No one is safe. It was epic.

Source: Jalopnik


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